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Terrarium Ideas?

Hey man, is that a Terrarium?

Ah the seventies! Remember them? The Brady Bunch, wide leg pants, peace signs, really bad mustache and platform shoes? Retro culture is back in a big way, and guess what topic is ‘sprouting up' again. Not life on Mars, but LIFE IN JARS! You guessed it. The TERRARIUM! The throwback is making a comeback.


The Terrarium is the new ‘HOT” in horticulture, and exciting new terrarium ideas are making the regular old houseplant a thing of the past.

But what’s so cool about a terrarium, is that it becomes an entirely self functioning ecosystem through a wondrous alchemy of proper soil, light, moisture regulation and plants. And all in a glass container!  But did you know what other “hot topic” is a very important component in terrarium ideas? Charcoal!


Besides the fish tank, one of the most popular ways activated charcoal was utilized was in - you guessed it - the terrarium! Here, charcoal granules function as the little gatekeepers of pH Balance. The element of water is vital in a terrarium, as it is constantly being recycled and re-dispersed through the plants, the soil and the air.

The magic mojo of charcoal granules is that they keep the water purified and free of toxins, while helping to regulate moisture in this tiny world of wonder.

Now, you may have noticed recently that charcoal itself has become the chemical free, non-toxic ‘go-to’ product in home life, well being and skincare. As a leader in bamboo charcoal products, and their multifunctional properties as stink-stoppers & humidity hackers, Ever Bamboo champions all things sustainable and reusable and has come up with way to contribute to a terrarium idea of its own. Recycled bamboo charcoal granules from our odour bamboozling pouches!

After a full year of reactivated use in the home keeping stinky odours and must at bay, Ever Bamboo pouches can be cut open to release their charcoal granules into a fulfilling afterlife …. Your Terrarium! Simply mix the granules with gravel under the peatlite layer, and BOOM! Saved money, saved time and a totally Terra-fic Terrarium!

So be cool, man! You don’t have to feel like a bum just cuz’ you lack a green thumb! The terrarium is a wonderful way to put a little life in your home, and chloro-Fill it with the beauty of living plants.

We hope you have enjoyed this fast forward throwback, and that you find both fun and function in your bamboo charcoal, and terrarium ideas! Peace Out. 

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