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Earth Day - Let's keep it aROUND for a while, shall we?

Earth Day is again upon us. One day out of 365 doesn’t seem ample enough for our gorgeous green blue ball of wonder. And considering we are quite literally NOTHING without it, best to keep Mother Nature (and Al Gore) happy!

Around the world, Earth Day is set aside to call attention to, and address the environmental issues that continue to press upon us globally. Ongoing climate change affects everything from our biodiversity to the air we breath. The decline of our natural resources are in grave disrepair. Our oceans are now more polluted than at any other time in history and renewable energy for most of the globe still seems like a pipe dream away. The chain of events set off by NOT being mindful to the needs of our planet could prove catastrophic. And let’s face it, it would be really nice if future generations have an Earth Day to celebrate!  

While Earth Day is a wonderful reminder to think about being kinder to the planet, that mindset should be part of our every day thinking! At Ever Bamboo, this is the driving force behind our vision. We are not just asking you to use a product that is natural, sustainable, recyclable, and all around GOOD for you...we are challenging you to literally reTHINK the way you contemplate STINK and the choices you make to approach it. Both are a win-win!

Not only will poor choices here be forever harmful to the Earth, they may possibly banish all together, the beautiful quality of life we earthlings take for granted. 

It is old habit to reach for chemical laden air fresheners and candles that use scent to mask odour. It is ingrained in society that masking is the solution to odours. But the real answer lies in eliminating them. "Rethink The Stink" is a call to action to bring awareness to making better, safer choices that are kinder to the earth. When we 'know better' we do better. To do better, we need to SHIFT our thinking to affect real change.

By bringing awareness to Bamboo Charcoal and it’s incredible properties as a stink stopper and humidity hacker, you come to enjoy a safer home full of happy humans and happy pets. And did we mention Al Gore? Happy Earth Day Earthlings!



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