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Air “Fresheners”? or Poisoners?

Does your ROOM smell more like a R’ew’M?

How do you get rid of the odours? Would you pull out a can of air “fresheners” and start spraying? Light a scented candle? Or an air fresheners plug-in? with many scents to choose from..."Vanilla Heaven", "Island Breeze"? Air fresheners are most commonly used at bathrooms and around the home. But do you know that they’re often toxic and might as well called air poisoners.

But do you know if they’re fresh or toxic? Are they air fresheners or toxically masking air poisoners? Newer products are now labeled with “100% Natural Propellant”, what does that really mean? Article Link

Have you read the ingredient labels on most air fresheners? The chances are you’d see fragrance or perfume as part of the list. Do you know that this single ingredient contains up to 400 toxic ingredients? Other common ingredients include formaldehyde and xylene, which are often not listed. These ingredients are carcinogen and neurotoxin those are harmful to our bodies, children, and pets. Some brands don’t even have ingredients listed on the packaging because it is not mandatory to do so. This is of huge concern and we have gathered a list of articles on the issue:

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Go fragrance-free

There are better ways to freshen up your home than conventional air fresheners. We recommend unscented bamboo charcoal deodorizers (100% natural, made from moso bamboo) or natural air fresheners alternatives (ones made with essential oils). Opening up windows to improve air circulation would do wonders also. Simply put, let nature helping nature.

What is your experience with conventional air fresheners and other natural alternatives? Please share with us in the Comment section below.


Special thanks to The Changing Planet providing the list of links


Mrs. Tammy Booker
Mrs. Tammy Booker

January 09, 2018

We recently had one of our cats developed a bacterial infection causing lesions on her tummy. Her protein levels are also down. We have been treating her with antibiotics and now also steroids. Until today, it never even occurred to me that the air fresheners in my house could be causing her to get sick. I went online to find the list of ingredients since Air Wick doesn’t list them. Well no more air fresheners in my house !


February 01, 2017

Great idea! I have been using common vinegar as an all purpose air freshener and cleaner. I will try this and mention it at

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