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Make Haste for #ZeroWaste

Earth Day is upon us, and we wanted to celebrate one of the fastest growing movements across the world that is helping to keep our planet healthier and happier. #ZeroWaste.

This is a call to action movement that is currently taking over major cities in the US, Canada and Europe - and in the very near future - it may well be the way of the future in retail. Ever Bamboo has recently joined the cause and teamed up with @thesoapdispensary in Vancouver to sell our natural deodorizers in bulk - sans packaging. We have to tell you, it feels REALLY good!

Zero Waste is all about doing away with the middle man of packaging, thus reducing waste and landfill overrun. Food giants like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are amongst some of the major chains making these shifts in how they present food and personal items in their stores. Whole Foods has long offered ‘bulk products’ in their aisles, and now many stores are finally catching on - from food suppliers to every day retail stores - people are looking for ways to cut down on wasteful plastic consumption because we see where it ends up, and how it pollutes our environment, our land, and our oceans.

Laws and bills are passing all over the world that are banning and eliminating unnecessary plastics such as straws, cutlery and bags. It is a shift that is becoming more and more palpable, and although we are not there yet, it is undoubtedly where we are heading.

Zero Waste is not only better for the environment and the planet, but by eliminating the often hefty cost of packaging - it’s better for the wallet! From creation to shelf, it saves money in both production and time, and enriches all aspects of our lives by reducing waste (both physical and financial) in our own homes, communities, and eventually- our planet. How great is that trajectory!

Speaking of waste, did you know the average American produces nearly 1500 lbs of trash A YEAR! That number borders on the absurd. But there many ways we can help improve it in our everyday lives by making a some simple changes in how we choose to shop, and live.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Buy in BULK whenever possible. Seek out and support zero waste retailers in your local communities. Simple everyday staples like coffee, nuts, grains, seeds and personal items can all be found in bulk now. Even buying from big box stores saves big in small packaging waste!
  • Take full advantage of local, fresh food in season! This time of year cities are bustling again with farmers markets that support local food growers while reducing needless packaging - going from farm to consumer directly.
  • Glass Storage and Recycling Plastics. Glass containers such as mason jars are wonderful for storing bulk items, or making your own food. Create a refrigerator full of mindful, waste free food storage consisting of glass and reusable containers that are eco friendly. Then recycle any discarded plastic responsibly. Simply Conscious Living got it right with the fridge shot below, so we had to share.
  • Stop the Paper Trail - such as napkins and paper towels, and clean house with a designated kitchen towel and enjoy cloth napkins rather than paper ones.
  • Think outside the box. And we mean LITERALLY. From edible containers - to plantable business cards and carry out containers, support local business that support the environment like THIS!
  • Compost.Organic matter can be composted! This is one of our favorite ways to reduce waste and food remains, and can be done anywhere. Look into it!

‘Rethink - Reuse - Recycle’ has been the ongoing theme and mantra at Ever Bamboo for years now. If we can help our communities and consumers ‘rethink’ how we do things (including stink of course) - then that in itself compels awareness. And it is only through awareness that there can be real change.

The smaller our human footprint, the bigger breath Mother Earth can take. So on this Earth Day, let’s celebrate her well, and continue to remind each other to be thoughtful and conscious with every decision we make. Your better, smarter choices will reflect back to you in every aspect of life, starting with your home, families and well being - all the way to the oceans and the atmosphere. Now, more than ever, our choices have palpable, resounding consequences.

Choose well.

Happy Earth Day Humans.

And Remember - “Rethink the Stink”!


Have a happy, stink free day!

Team E.B.

For more info about Zero Waste, check out the Zero Waste Home, its founder, Bea Johnson, inspired hundreds of Vancouverites in October last year at a Zero Waste Talk hosted by The Soap Dispensary.

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