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Happy Halloween from Ever BamBOO!

If you are haunted by the ghoulish, perpetual stinks of the season - this blog is for YOU!

Well here we are again poised to bring Spooky Season to a (pumpkin) head on October 31st. This fun and festive time of year officially marks the beginning of the 2023 Holiday Season, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with you. 

First things first, is it time to reactivate your Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches? After a long, hot, rainy, humid summer - those pouches are probably ready to be dried out and reactivated so they can go on fighting stink for another few months.

So while the daylight is still abundant, get those pouches into the sun! Just two hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side of your pouch will reactivate the charcoal granules so that the pouch continues to fight odor and must - and all of your stinky shoes, bags, rooms, bins and closets won’t stand a chance. Isn’t that bewitching?

Once you have recharged the pouches, it’s time to put them into the new places where the more seasonal stinks begin to take hold. This time of year, things like gym bags, hockey bags, lockers, and dorm rooms most likely will be succumbing to just a little extra dampness and must. The result? STINK! 
Just pop a pouch where the odor is, and pouf! It will ghost you.

Another wonderful way to use Ever Bamboo Charcoal pouches is to stick them where your pets spend the most time. After all, a day of rustling through damp leaves can make Spot’s stink a little more - well - Spotty! And no one wants to cuddle up to a stinky Spot:)

And last but not least - The kitchen! Yes this is the time of year where the cauldrons heat up and warm cozy meals replace the BBQ and we watch our leftovers become leftODORS. So pop a pouch in the fridge, the freezer, and the kitchen trash bin to be sure that your favorite fall scents aren’t shrouded by the ghoulish scent of stink! Trick? Or Treat! - maybe a little of both! 

And to celebrate - use code Halloween_10OFF for 10% off all deodorizers and dehumidifiers, valid until November 6, 2023.

Happy Happy, Stink Free Spooky Season from Team E.B

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