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The Whoopi Effect

Hello Everyone,

Today marks the one year anniversary of being featured on The View as one of Whoopi’s Favorite Things, and those 42 unforgettable seconds forever changed the trajectory of Ever Bamboo. 

Last month, a customer called asking us which product would work best for the strange odour in her furnace room. After recommending the large room deodorizer I inquired how she learned about our products. “Whoopi” she enthusiastically said!  “You know that was a year ago, right?’ I playfully mentioned. “Yes” she laughed. “I made sure i wrote down everything Whoopi said so that i would know where to order when i found myself in a stinky situation. That time is now!”  We both had a laugh and it got me to thinking, that we really are helping our customers to “rethink the stink!”

The Whoopi Effect is still with us after a full year, and we at Ever Bamboo could not be happier :) The feature inspired us to further define our vision and core values. It has fuelled our passion, and our mission to bring about a new way of thinking about dampness and odour in our homes, our belongings and our lives and to “rethink” how we purify our air in a natural, non toxic way. The growing excitement and satisfaction in our product has led us to dream big dreams. It has given us opportunities to partner with extremely talented individuals to foster product and brand development and a bigger digital and marketing presence. 

This expansion will allow more customers, like you, to learn about, have access to and experience this sustainable eco friendly way of living life stink free!

As we approach our 10th year Anniversary, reflecting on the journey brings us a real sense of satisfaction. The past 9 years have been at once humbling and tireless as we struggled to get our product and our message out into the world, but ultimately we have been met with excitement, encouragement and validation that has proven to be deeply rewarding. 

So thank you again Miss Whoopi Goldberg for 42 of the best seconds ever (link to youtube & link to our thank you letter to Miss Goldberg). Take her word for it if ours is not enough. 

….It's time to Rethink the Stink!

Sincerely and without stink,
K.B. Lee
CEO/Founder of Ever Bamboo - #RethinkTheStink


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May 10, 2016

Im grateful for the forum topic.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic. Konzal

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