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Ever Bamboo is one of Whoopi's Favorite Things

Our Open Letter to Ms. Whoopi Goldberg: 

September 6, 2014

Dear Ms. Whoopi Goldberg:

Thank you for featuring Ever Bamboo as one of your favorite things on August 6, 2014 on The View. Since then, our natural deodorizers and dehumidifiers have made its way to many of your viewers’ homes - helping to eliminate odours, dampness, and purify air pollutants within the household.

Ever Bamboo has been in business for almost eight years now. Like many other small business owners, it has been a challenge from the very beginning. For many years, my wife and I were unsure whether our hard work would pay off. We invested significant time and money, while working late with multiple jobs to make ends meet, and having families and friends volunteer to pack orders with tight timelines. All of our efforts yielded only slow growth. The major challenge was getting people to know our products and its uses. You have helped to change all that by featuring it as one of your favorite things!

It has been a month since the feature and we have received close to 500 orders, with many customers now having placed their second order. New retailers have picked up our products while existing distributors and retailers have increased their orders. Most importantly, many people have and will benefit from this natural and sustainable product made from bamboo. Having you called Ever Bamboo as one of your favorite things has reignited our business and our passion for it.

As a small thank you, we have donated $1,000 to UNICEF. It is our understanding this is one of the charities you support, and that you were named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2003. We'd also like to give products to your guests for your next party or big event. The Shoe Deodorizer, one of your favorite things, is a great one to get a few giggles.

We hope to have the opportunity to thank you in person when you visit Banff, Alberta in February of 2015.

Yours truly,

K.B. Lee
CEO & Founder

Below are some testimonials from our recent customers:

"I love all my room deodorizers and dehumidifiers! They have absolutely no odor to them and completely remove the damp, musty smell in the basement!"

"Love the room deodorizer and dehumidifier! Works great! Also received face and body bar. It is fabulous! So glad Whoopi recommended your products on The View."


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