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God Rest Ye Merry Stinky Smells this Christmas Holiday! (Our version of a Holiday classic)

December 21, 2019

God rest ye merry stinky smells  its time you’ve gone away - Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches  sends them on their way! In closets, drawers, and bins of yore  where stinks doth come to play - Oh tidings of ‘stink free’ - ‘must free’ JOY. Odour free JOY! Oh tidings of this stink Free Christmas JOY! God rest ye stinky laundry pile that’s sitting in your room You’ve really let it go and now the smell begins to swoon?   Just pop a pouch into the basket ‘til your laundry day It will help you keep those damp odours at bay Til laundry day,  It will help you keep those stinky smells at BAY! God rest ye stinky boots and shoes ... Continue Reading →


November 30, 2019

It is official. The holiday season is upon us! As Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicks off the busiest shopping season of the year, most of us find ourselves preparing to make our way into the fray, and usher in the notoriously joyful  (and often stress inducing) Gift Giving Season. Although we are still most likely feeling full from overstuffed bellies and hearts of gratitude - The daunting task of holiday shopping may have some of us reaching for antacids! Well don’t you worry because we just may have the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of the season. A hot bath and a good night’s sleep! Now, we understand that you probably know Ever Bamboo for our STINK... Continue Reading →


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