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A (stink free) Christmas Story.

December 14, 2017

Once upon a time in a home much like yours The North Pole Elves were busy doing Christmas chores. When what to their chilly red noses appear? A mysterious stink whose origin is unclear.   They tried a candle to mask the smell. But my friends, for them, it simply didn’t end well. The toxic perfumes and dyes and scents Had them blowing it out without making a dent.   They next tried a spray, as surely this will do. But over 80 toxic chemicals filled the air too! Disheartened and tired of simply masking the stink Someone exclaimed “it’s TIME TO RETHINK!”   A wiser elf, now seeing their dismay Spoke of Ever Bamboo to keep stink away. “It’s... Continue Reading →


November 21, 2017

It is the single most important thing in life that makes living worthwhile. With gratitude, we lay the foundation for kindness, compassion, and grace. We know that without it, we gain nothing, and with it, we find abundance in everything. We give. We receive. We repeat. By doing so, we come to know joy and fullness in a way that nothing else can give us. There is a special day to celebrate this beautiful word. Thanksgiving! And with the holiday season fast upon us, this is the time of year we all take a little extra time to count the many blessings we have to be truly thankful for. A cozy table of food and drink surrounded by loved ones... Continue Reading →


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