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Lesson 1: Going back to school doesn’t have to STINK!

September 14, 2018

Hello Rethinkers! Well, if you are like us here at Ever Bamboo, you probably have whiplash from the blistering speed at which summer has gone by. And while we are always a little sorry to see it go, there is something very exciting and sentimental about September, and the start of ‘back to school’ season. Days are full of hustle and bustle, as parents become superhumans, getting kids of all ages organized for the massive back to school exodus. Supplies, sports gear, lunch bags, dorm rooms and big moves all present a whole new world of challenges, adventures, possibilities, and STINK! But don’t worry. We’ve got that last one covered. If your gang gathers for ‘Friday Night Lights’ or early... Continue Reading →

Has ‘STINK’ got you by the Drawers?

August 28, 2018

There is nothing worse than going to put on a fresh, clean article of clothing from your armoire or drawer, and instead, being hit with a not so nice musty odour. Often, despite the fresh smelling laundry detergent we use, or the sweet smelling sachets we line our dressers with, a musty drawer can render our efforts useless. Alas, we have the perfect solution. Ever Bamboo Drawer Packets! By placing a pouch in each of your drawers, the Ever Bamboo Drawer Packets pull any moisture and odours from the drawers in your chests or armoires, leaving only the fresh smell of your sachets and clothing. Made from one single ingredient - bamboo charcoal granules - the pouches are safe, effective... Continue Reading →


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