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Time to Rethink The Stink!

March 28, 2024

Springtime comes with so many WONDERFUL scents! Don’t miss them. Hello and Happy Spring Ever Bamboo’ers! Like us here at Ever Bamboo - you are probably wondering how it is possible that we are officially in the spring season. Wasn’t it just New Years? The way time is passing almost has us in a tailspin!!! But now that spring has officially sprung, and we have saved the daylight once again - it’s a great time to remind you to reactivate, reuse or recycle your bamboo charcoal pouches. Did you know that just 2 hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side of your bamboo charcoal pouch reactivates the odour absorbing and moisture regulating properties of the charcoal granules? It's TRUE!... Continue Reading →

Bamboo Products and Sustainable Living

January 26, 2024

New Year. New You. More Bamboo! If ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ are key buzz words in your daily life - Bamboo products should definitely have earned a place there as well. Bamboo is a rapidly growing grass mostly known for its versatility and environmentally friendly properties. In addition to this, products made with bamboo are incredibly strong and durable. By making sure it is responsibly sourced and produced ethically - utilizing bamboo products is a great addition to greener living. But in case you need a few tips and suggestions, here are some of our favorite bamboo products, and why we love them. Bamboo Charcoal:Bamboo charcoal is naturally porous and pulls moisture and odor from the surrounding air. Unlike the harsh... Continue Reading →


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