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April 22, 2021

And It is Time We Listen. One thing is certain, dealing with a global pandemic has taught us how to appreciate the simple things. At a time when separation from ‘other’ became the new norm, we had to search inward to find our ‘happy’. All the things we took for granted in our everyday lives and social habits were suddenly pulled out from under us. Home became the new out - and outside space became a refuge. For many of us, the only thing that felt normal was being in nature. Now more than ever, we have come to realize how vital it is to protect it. Like every obstacle we are faced with, there is always an experience that... Continue Reading →


February 12, 2021

Ok, maybe not all of it… But sometimes the things we love most really can be a challenge for our noses! So, we’ve compiled a helpful list of beloveds, and the most compatible pouch that will help them STAY beloved. Let’s start with Spot. We LOVE Spot. Spot is cute. His stink? Not so much!And Petunia the kitty? Let’s just say her litter box area has smelled better days. Enter the Room deodorizer. Just pop it in your furries favorite places to be and wella - Stink can’t get its paws on you! Moving on to the house - where we have ALL been spending some extra time. We LOVE that our significant other has decided to take up gourmet... Continue Reading →


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