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The eternal life of Bamboo Charcoal...  😇

August 11, 2017

Rethink. Reuse. RECYCLE. There are many things we take great pride in at Ever Bamboo. We love that Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches are safe, non toxic, and contain only one ingredient. We adore the fact that a single pouch lasts for up to a year when proper care is taken to recharge it every 2-3 months in direct sunlight on each side. But the thing we love the most is that after a full year of extraordinary stink stupefying and humidity heroics, the bamboo charcoal granules that make up each pouch go on to their very own version of (gasp!) “the afterlife” in your gardening soil or house plants! YES! You heard correctly! Even after a full year of use... Continue Reading →


July 01, 2017

OH SUNSHINE!!! WHAT WONDROUS THINGS YOU CAN DO.  Oh the summer sun. Waking us from our winter slumber and bringing our senses to life again! The longer days and balmy nights usher in the sentiment of both nostalgia and anticipation. A splash in the lake. Endless days by the sea. The wafting scent of the backyard barbeque, and the anticipation of fireworks lighting up the summer sky. It must be JULY!   On July 1st, we Canadians are celebrating 150 years of Canada Day. And on July 4th, proud Americans everywhere are coming to together for 241 years of Independence Day. It is to be sure, a month of remarkable anniversaries. And you know what else should be reminded of it’s... Continue Reading →


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