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Happy Mother's Day

May 10, 2024

To those of you doing the most important job in the world - we see you. We are grateful to you. And we deeply appreciate you! To celebrate motherhood is a wonderful thing. After all - what would this world be without them! But a mother is so much more than just a woman who gives life. She is many things to many people - and most often - it is the little details in the things she does that makes ‘mothers’ and ‘motherhood’ so special. We recently came across a piece of content called “women carrying things”. It was a visually moving portrait of ALL the things that women carry in day to day life. Quite obviously, this goes well... Continue Reading →


April 19, 2024

Of all the things that deserve our kindness and consideration, we cannot think of a more important one than our planet. Once again we find ourselves celebrating EARTH DAY. But what does that really mean to us, and our planet? What are the lengths we are willing to go to, to preserve and protect it from human inhabitants - who by far - seem to do it the most harm. This is not an easy topic to navigate, as not everyone believes that global warming and climate change is real. But here at Ever Bamboo - we believe that kindness to the planet, and doing our share to mitigate a big carbon footprint - is a growing part of our... Continue Reading →


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