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It’s SPRING! And flowers aren’t the only thing to pop.

March 16, 2019

Hello Ever Bamboo’ers! We hope this finds you well, and may we be the first to say - HAPPY SPRING! Slowly but surely, we will begin to see the long awaited spattering of vibrant spring colors across our landscapes. From cherry blossoms, to daffodils, to the first true sign of spring - the crocus - our senses reawaken as nature pops in all of her uncompromised glory.  As we stand in awe of the rebirth all around us, we are inspired by a sense of revival and renewal. That same inspiration often becomes the premise for the annual (and unavoidable) ‘spring clean’. Love it or hate it, we’ve got a few suggestions to help you freshen up your routine, and... Continue Reading →


February 28, 2019

One of the nicest things about a brand new year is the opportunity for a fresh start. A clean slate, if you will, that often serves as a time of reflection, and an opportunity to see where we can make improvements to how we live and exist in the world. Now granted, sometimes we dream a little too big and fall off the ‘New Years Resolution’ wagon by this time in February. (ahem...we may be guilty here!) But when thinking about the bigger picture of our planet and how we contribute to its longevity, or destruction - it has never been easier to actually implement resolutions and changes that we, as earth loving humans, can stick to. From specialized recycling,... Continue Reading →


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