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Bamboo Charcoal Bath Mitts - Bundle of 4

Bamboo charcoal bath mitts are just as useful as the original bamboo bath mitts, the bamboo charcoal also contains minerals, far infrared rays and negative ions that are all beneficial for your skin as well as your health. Great addition to your sauna routine.

The bamboo charcoal bath mitts are made with European design. To use the bath mitt you simply place your hand in the pocket and use it to gently scrub your skin. You can also place a bar of soap inside the pocket of the mitt so it supplies you with continual suds during your bath or shower.

These bamboo charcoal bath mitts can be hung up after use and will soon be fresh, dry and ready for their next use.

material: 100% viscose from organic bamboo and bamboo charcoal
weight: 600 gsm

Included in this bundle:
A bundle of 4 bamboo charcoal bath mitts; each 15 x 20 cm (6 x 8 in)

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